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Monday Night's Convention Schedule and Open Thread

Here's tonight's speaker list. While Pepsi Center speeches begin at 3pm, the prime time program is 7 to 9 pm MT. Michelle Obama is the final speaker.

The program will close with a benediction by Don Miller, described as a "Best-selling author & public speaker focusing on Christian spirituality." I'll be gone as soon as Michelle has finished speaking.

After that, I plan to attend a special cocktail reception at the Denver Art Museum celebrating the 88th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. It's from 9pm to midnight. Sen. Hillary Clinton will be among the speakers.

Thanks to Atrios for taking and posting this photo of CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin and me from the Salon Party Saturday night.

This is an open thread.

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Most Clinton Delegates Enthused About Obama

A New York Times/CBS News poll of delegates to the Democratic National Convention found:

More than half of the delegates that Mrs. Clinton won in the primaries now say they are enthusiastic supporters of Mr. Obama, and they also believe he will win the presidential election in November, the poll found. Three in 10 say they support Mr. Obama but have reservations about him or they support him only because he is the party’s nominee. Five percent say they do not support him yet.

When Hillary Clinton's name is placed in nomination: [more ...]

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Report: Springsteen to Close Convention After Obama Speech

My sources tell me that Bruce Springsteen will close the Democratic Convention with an acoustic performance after Sen. Barack Obama finishes speaking Thursday night at Invesco Field. The Washington Post speculated about this yesterday

and the Las Vegas Review Journal reports it as fact.

The LVRJ says Bon Jovi is in negotiations to be the warmup act for Obama.

My earlier post on possible musical acts for Thursday night is here.

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Re-Create '68?

Hi. It's Sunday night and we just finished dinner here at Jerri's house where Lynn Goldsmith has now joined us for the week.  As the actual Convention inches closer, and I finished the final exam today for Journalism, I'm starting to feel those pangs again without Hunter. So, it's a blessing to be witnessing this (hopefully) historic DNC with two amazing women and listen to them talk, over a shared Pad Thai stir fry tonight, about their experiences at the1969 protest in Washington. [more...]

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Recap: Sunday Protest Events

The protests in Denver began today. There was some attempt by protesters to block streets. It was peaceful with little resemblance to protests of conventions past.

What happened instead was a street-fair display of disparate causes, from anti-war fervor to climate control, immigrant rights and the legalization of marijuana. Participants paraded through the streets of downtown Denver peacefully as police — aided by the Secret Service, FBI and National Guard — kept watch from bikes, rooftops and helicopters.

Cindy Sheehan and Recreate '68 began the morning with a protest event on the steps of the state capitol in Denver. Later, there was a march from Civic Center Park to the Pepsi Center.

Cindy Sheehan spoke as did Glenn Spagnuolo of Recreate '68, Ron Kovic and the rap duo Dead Presidents. Recreate '68 had its own security guys at the base of the Capitol steps, wearing red bandannas. [More...]

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Sunday Morning in Denver

It's credentials pick-up day here. I'm off to the Sheraton downtown to pick up my DNCC blogger credentials. Then to the Big Tent to get the credentials for their facility.

The Pepsi Center is but a small part of what is happening here this week. I'll be there at night for some speeches, but since everyone can watch them on TV, it's not what I plan to devote a lot of time to writing about. I'm also more interested in writing about what's going on behind the scenes than what everyone can see for themselves. [More...]

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The Gang's All Here

Dateline Denver, 1:00 am: Anita and I just returned from a party hosted by Salon.com at a very beautiful townhouse they rented for the convention.

We had a terrific time. How was it different than past convention parties? There was much more mingling of Mainstream Media with bloggers, and not only did the MSM attendees know each and every blog, they read us and, if I can be Sally Field for the moment, they like us!

It was great to see Duncan Black (aka Atrios of Eschaton), Jane of Firedoglake, Glenn Greenwald, John Amato of Crooks and Liars, Taylor Marsh to name just a few.

I had a great time talking to Jeffrey Toobin, and we reminisced about the time in 2003 when I took him to dinner at a Vegan restaurant in San Francisco with Markos of Daily Kos and his wife Elisa. Back then, Jeffrey was trying to figure out what a blog was. Now, he's reading all of us on that laptop as he's sitting on the set providing his commentary. [More...]

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Public Enemy Reconsidering Performing at DNC

Update: What a difference an hour makes. The Rocky Mountain News just updated its article to say a compromise is trying to be worked out that will allow Public Enemy to play at a concert in Denver.


Public Enemy Won't Play at DNC Protest Event

Earlier reports that Public Enemy will play at a Recreate '68 protest event during the Denver National Convention are false. [More...]

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Maintaining Stamina And Your Diet at the DNC: Open Thread

My first video on my new Flip TV Mino is of Dr. Linda Shapiro of ProActive Health in Denver. Dr. Shapiro is an M.D. and a Ph.D, and an expert in nutrition and fitness.

The topic: How to maintain stamina and your diet while in Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

Note on the audio: My voice came out so much louder than Dr. Shapiro's. I tried to adjust the audio in editing, and was mostly successful except for the last five seconds when it sounds like I'm shouting. Oh well, hopefully I'll improve during the week to come.

This is an open thread.

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Denver: ATT thanks Blue Dogs Sun. Night

The SF Chronicle reports on corporate lobbyists taking advantage of a loophole in rules preventing them from throwing lavish parties to "honor"House lawmakers, which exempts parties for groups of Members.

Prominent, a Sunday evening bash thrown by ATT for the "Blue Dogs" to thank them for the FISA amnesty.

Lobbyist parties for lawmakers bend rules

Congress, pledging to clean up Washington's culture of corruption, approved a rule last year to end the practice of lobbyists or their clients throwing lavish events honoring lawmakers at the parties' national conventions.

But the House ethics committee opened a huge loophole in the rule by issuing guidelines in December saying it was fine for lobbyists or their employers to throw parties for a group of House members - just not for a single lawmaker...

...AT&T is among the sponsors of a party celebrating the conservative House Blue Dog Democrats on Sunday night.

Perfect spot for the first appearance of my "STOP GOVERNMENT SPYING" banner.

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Razor Wire Won't Top Makeshift Convention Jail Cells

Who knew what they were thinking when they built the makeshift warehouse jail cells for those arrested during the Democratic National Convention, but at least they've scrapped one bad idea.

The razor wire covering the cells is being removed. Chain link fence coverings will be used instead. Also:

Sixty people an hour can be processed at the building, where cameras are set up to take mug shots alongside computerized fingerprinting stations.

A table holds six telephones, and two portable air-conditioning units each the size of a small truck pump cool air into the building. Each cell will contain 20 chairs. A sign posted on a steel column warns: "Electric stun devices used in this facility."

Anyone arrested in East Denver, not just protesters, will be transported to "Gitmo on the Platte."

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Denver Achieves $40 Million Fundraising Goal for Convention

It took a while, and the Denver Host Committee missed a deadline, but all is well now. Denver has achieved its $40.6 million convention fundraising goal. And money is still coming in.

Congrats to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and DNC Host Committee co-chair, attorney Steve Farber.

Hickenlooper has spent dozens of nights and weekends and crisscrossed the country seeking donors. To a lesser extent, Gov. Bill Ritter and Sen. Ken Salazar also have been seeking donors.

Meanwhile, Denver fundraising giant, lobbyist and attorney Steve Farber had staked his reputation on getting the bills paid, reaching out to contacts near and far.

The additional funds necessary for the Invesco Field event where Sen. Obama will make his acceptance speech will be completed Friday. On a related note, billionaire New York Republican Tom Golisano donated $1 million last week to the Committee.

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Making Pay Equity a Campaign Issue

On the list of speakers at the Democratic National Convention is Lilly Ledbetter, whose case before the Supreme Court led to a shameful 5-4 decision barring women from suing for unlawful wage discrimination unless they act within 180 days of the time the disparate pay started -- even if they don't learn until years later that all the male employees holding the same job had been given raises that female employees didn't receive. Ledbetter is in a good position to dramatize a point that needs to be made clearly: Republicans in general, and John McCain in particular, continue their history of hostility to legislation that provides a remedy for gender discrimination.

Obama was an original co-sponsor of the legislation to reverse the result in Ledbetter's case; McCain opposes the bill because, he said in April, it "opens us up to lawsuits for all kinds of problems." Well, yes, that would be the point of a law prohibiting pay discrimination.

As Ruth Marcus writes, Lilly Ledbetter "puts a human face on a pocketbook issue." And it's an issue that tells us a good deal about the values our next president will hold.

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Behind the Push to Add Religion to the Convention

For weeks, if not longer, it's been clear there is going to be a major infusion of religion into the Democratic National Convention.

Here's how it's being done. And why?

[it's] a mission to narrow the "G-d gap" between Democrats and Republicans by winning over religious voters who have flocked to the GOP over the last 20 years.

What do we do with them when they get here? Adopt their Republican views so we can keep them?

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More Convention Speakers Added

The DNCC just announced the following additional speakers to the Convention lineup and the gavel times.

Evan Bayh and Joe Biden are still on the list for Wednesday. Tim Kaine's name still doesn't appear anywhere. But, they stress more names are coming.

Joining the program on Monday, August 25th will be Former President Jimmy Carter; Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar; Miami Mayor Manny Diaz; Illinois state leaders Alexi Giannoulis, Dan Hynes, Lisa Madigan, and Tom Balanoff from Illinois SEIU; long-time Barack Obama mentor Jerry Kellman; NEA President Reg Weaver; AFT President Randi Weingarten; and NARAL Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keenan. The theme of Monday’s program is One Nation.


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