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Clueless Bristol Palin: It's All About Her

Either Bristol Palin think she's a lawyer now(I guess she read some things on the Internets) or she has a lawyer giving her really bad advice in real life.

Bristol has moved to Arizona and loves it there, has a new house and a new boyfriend. So what's her next plan? She's asking Levi to terminate his parental rights to his child.

Bristol admitted she's asked her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston to sign away his parental rights to their 2-year-old son. "Have I asked him to change Tripp's last name? Of course," she quipped. "I've asked him to do that many times. Just sign over your (parental) rights. He just doesn't want to sign them over because it looks bad on paper."

That's unlikely to be the reason. Levi has complained publicly for months that Bristol restricts his visiting to almost nothing. So when Bristol says he's only seen their son three times in the past several months, did Bristol stop to count how many other times he asked and she said no? Let's count up those times.

Bristol wants to move with the child to AZ, and Levi wants to stay in Alaska, So instead of doing what millions of other people do, retain counsel to work out an agreement where the non-parenting spouse gets a big block of time say, in the summer (when there's no school) and more vacation time, Bristol decides to go the selfish route and ask for a termination of Levi's parental rights. If he agrees, Levi will no longer have a child. [More...]

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DWTS Future Jeopardized by "Operation Bristol"

I'm not the only one who thinks politics has run Dancing With the Stars into the ground. According to Popeater, AOL's online entertainment news site, Dancing With the Stars producers and ABC and other TV insiders believe the show will be permanently ruined if Bristol Palin wins, and they fear she might, due to her mother's fan base and campaigning. Insiders give three reasons:

  • It will go from being a dancing competition to a popularity competition where whoever has the most rabid fan base will always win no matter how little talent they have."
  • "[A]fter Bristol wins no one in Hollywood will ever want to be on the show again," a well-placed ABC source tells me. "Why would a real star want to compete and lose against someone like [former U.S. Senate candidate] Christine O'Donnell or Levi Johnston. It's humiliating. The producers know they are in big trouble for sure."
  • "A friend of one of the judges [says] Bristol has made a fool out of all of them. It's now painfully obvious that the judge's scores and opinions mean nothing."

Here's how the voting is supposed to work: [More...]

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DWTS: Wrong Outcome

Margaret Cho went home tonight on DWTS. She and Louie were in the bottom two, along with Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas.

Bristol is wooden, has zero musicality and even less dance ability. The judges seem to be afraid of hurting her feelings. Unlike every other contestant, she has no pre-existing fan base of her own. She didn't star in a reality show or any tv show, she's not a comic, a singer, or a top athlete.

The politicization of the show this season, casting this unaccomplished, untalented, non-star with no resume of her own, only because her mother is famous and polarizing which will bring in viewers, has left a permanent sour taste. [More...]

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Alaska Court Opens Palin-Johnston Custody Proceedings

Bristol Palin has been trying mightily to keep her lawsuit for sole custody of her and Levi Johnston's son Tripp closed to the public. Levi wants them open, as protection, primarily, he alleges, because of Sarah Palin's interference and manipulation.

This week the Judge ruled in Levi's favor and unsealed all the documents to date. This pleading has most of them, including Levi's answer to Bristol's petition for custody in which he asks for joint custody, Bristol's petition and the orders denying closure of the proceedings and a related request they use pseudonyms instead of people's names.

The pleadings also include Bristol's request that Levi's mother be barred from unsupervised visitation because of her use of pain meds for a chronic medical problem and her felony drug conviction. [More...]

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It's a Boy for Bristol and Levi

Congrats to Bristol and Levi on the birth of Tripp, a healthy, 7 pound boy.

(It was as long overdue as the start of the singing in the clip from Tommy above...."It's a boy" comes on around the five minute mark.)

No word yet on whether Levi was present for the delivery.

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