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Clear Channel Drops Bruce Springsteen's New Album

Say it isn't so! Crooks and Liars has the details. Apparently, a Clear Channel memo went out .

Shorter version: Old Springsteen tunes are fine but not the new ones. Some speculate his age is behind the decision. Also missing from Clear Channel:

There is no sign at major radio stations of new albums by John Fogerty or Annie Lennox, either. The same stations that should be playing Santana’s new singles with Chad Kroeger or Tina Turner are avoiding them, too.

Like Springsteen, these "older" artists have been relegated to something called Triple A format stations — i.e. either college radio or small artsy stations such as WFUV in the Bronx, N.Y., which are immune from the Clear Channel virus of pre-programming and where the number of plays per song is a fraction of what it is on commercial radio.

Are they going to play the new Eagles' album? Are Tom Petty or the Rolling Stones too old? The age excuse is hard for me to believe -- it sounds like speculation to me.

Howie Klein, who should know if anyone does, doesn't buy the age excuse either. In an update, he points out the story isn't totally right as some independent-minded Clear Channel stations, like Boulder's great KBCO, are playing it.

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