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Daily Kos Sues Research 2000

Markos Moulitsas and Daily Kos have filed their federal lawsuit against Research 2000 alleging the weekly polls Daily Kos commissioned from them included phony and falsified data. You can read the lawsuit here. Attorney Adam Bonin (pro hac vice) and Nathan Dooley of COZEN O'CONNOR in LA are representing Markos and Kos Media, LLC in the suit which has been filed in the federal district of Northern California.

A few days ago, I read some blogposts on the suit and got the general gist of what happened, but not being a statistician, I got lost by reading their findings.

Adam and Nathan do a great job with the civil complaint. They understand judges aren't statisticians, and write in simple language that lawyers and lay people can understand. (Theoretically, after all, since these cases are usually settled, juries don't hear most of them. But you can never be sure, so you better be able to break down the tech talk to something they can relate to. Adams succeeds very well at this.

Here's how. [More...]

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