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Reevaluating Obama

Heaven help me, for I'm about to agree with David Brooks, the stupidest political analyst this side of his namesake Broder. But tonight I think he's on to something

Republicans are saps. They think that they're running against some academic liberal who wouldn't wear flag pins on his lapel, whose wife isn't proud of America and who went to some liberationist church where the pastor damned his own country. They think they're running against some naïve university-town dreamer, the second coming of Adlai Stevenson.

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Paul Krugman: David Brooks is a liar

So we all know that David Brooks is an idiot. We also know that he's a liar. But it's unusual to hear about it from "serious" figures in the SCLM. Paul Krugman is actually a serious person--in that his brain hasn't decomposed into lima bean paste. He's been in a back-and-forth with the the adjacent liar, Brooks, over the question of whether or not Ronald Reagan used racist campaign tactics. Krugman's smack down response? It was all just an innocent mistake:

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