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Rep. Diana DeGette Introduces Bill to Allow Amendment 64 to Proceed

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette today followed through with her promise to introduce federal legislation to respect the will of the voters on Amendment 64. She has introduced the "Respect States' and Citizens' Rights Act of 2012."

The bill would amend 21 USC 903 of the Controlled Substance Act by adding a provision:

In the case of any State law that pertains to marijuana, no provision of this title shall be construed as indicating an intent on the part of the Congress to occupy the field in which that provision operates, including criminal penalties, to the exclusion of State law on the same subject matter, nor shall any provision of this title be construed as preempting any such State law.

Currently, section 903 reads:[More...]

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Colorado's DeGette Endorses Clinton, Will Co-Chair Health Care Task Force

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette has just endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and will co-chair her campaign's Health Care Task Force.

"Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience we need in the next President of the United States," said Rep. DeGette. "Under her leadership, we will finally provide quality, affordable health care for every American. These challenging times call for a leader with Hillary Clinton's ability to hit the ground running on her first day in the White House."

Diana rocks. Seriously. She's the best. This is good news for Hillary. And for those who really care about stem cell research, health care and kids. She's also a former criminal defense lawyer and personally opposes the death penalty.

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Introducing the SquareState Small Donor Committee

Act Blue has gotten into state races in the last year, but they hadn't come to Colorado yet for one simple reason.  Legally, Act Blue can't operate on a state level in Colorado as current law prohibits an intermediary transfer of funds.  So, I created what's known in Colorado as a Small Donor Committee.  In the works for almost a year, finally the i's are all dotted; the t's are all crossed.  The SquareState Small Donor Committee is here.

We've done pontificating, pointed out the failed policies of the extreme right wing, mobilized voters, coordinated grassroots action, and even fundraised for federal races.  It's time to help those local candidates we want to see in office in our somewhat square state.  Let's show (current CO-GOP chair)Dick Wadhams that this isn't the same state the last time he was here.  All the progress made in the last few years, we're just getting started.

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