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Feinstein and Lieberman: Two Peas in a Pod

Paul Kane at the Washington Post the other day asked if Diane Feinstein was "the next Joe Lieberman."

She's not the "next" Joe Lieberman, she's been his twin for years and I'm glad people are taking notice. Examples from the past five years, in reverse chronological order:

  • 2006: She co-sponsors Sen. Arlen Spector's FISA bill which would have made it easier for the NSA to bypass FISA's requirement of a court order. According to her own description of the bill:
  • The bill would create a new authority that would allow the Attorney General to designate specified FBI and NSA supervisors to begin such emergency surveillance without a warrant so long as the Attorney General is notified within 24 hours of the commencement of the wiretap and approves the surveillance within three days.

    She also supported the flag-burning amendment.

  • In 2005, she supported inserting the anti-meth bill into the Patriot Act. I wrote then, "I'm not surprised. She's has as little in common with true Democrats as Joe Lieberman." If you're wondering why you have to show id to buy sudafed and other common cold pills, as if that will deter the manufacture of meth, she co-sponsored that part.


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The Vote That Counted

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I'm talking to you, wingnuts, for caring more about a stupid newspaper ad (and yes it was stupid) than you do about the well-being of US soldiers.

I'm also talking to more than a few people in the progressive blogosphere.


Because you're talking about the wrong vote today.

There was a vote today that was important and had direct relevance to ending the Iraq war.

But, if one paid attention to the blogosphere's self-interested whining, one would think that the big news was the Moveon vote.

The vote you SHOULD be talking about described below.

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