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We Should Celebrate Some Stimulus Cuts

As odious as it seems to progressives for a gang of rascally senators to be slashing spending when spending is desperately needed, we should look at some of the cuts with some hope.

Included in the cuts is a 61% reduction in the proposed $1.2 billion in new drug war funding, a 50% reduction in the $150 million proposed for new Federal prisons, a 50% reduction in the $100 million proposed to militarize the border, a 50% reduction in the $50 million proposed to snoop on your Internet activities.

Not all spending is progressive. Most of the proposed cuts are awful, but some of them we could and should get behind.

And how much other spending on very anti-progressive initiatives wasn't touched by the haphazard Collins-Nelson back-of-the-napkin spending reduction strategy?

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Drug War Hurts U.S. Asparagus Growers

Congress has decimated the U.S. asparagus industry by waiving tariffs for Peruvian asparagus. It's a backwards attempt to buffer coca eradication with crop substitution.

Notwithstanding divergent views on free trade among our readership, I'm sure we can all agree that tariffs shouldn't be arbitrarily lifted in support of a failed drug war policy in Peru.

The new Congress can fix this. The Seattle Times has more.

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