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Poll: Clinton Leads Among Hispanics in Key Battleground States

A new poll of Hispanic voters in several key battleground states show Hillary with a significant lead among Hispanic voters. The poll is by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economic Polling Initiative. The press release is here and the poll results are here.

The states are: Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado and North Carolina. Some interesting points before we get to the numbers:

  • Clinton leads Trump among younger Hispanic voters (18 to 34 years old) in all five states by a range of 24 to 45 points. Clinton is also winning among Hispanic Independents in every state except Ohio.
  • Trump suffers from a very unfavorable image in every state, faring worst in Colorado with nearly 80 percent of Hispanics having an unfavorable opinion of him. Trump’s highest favorable rating is in Florida at 33 percent. Clinton has more than 50 percent of favorable ratings among Hispanics in every state except Florida, where she is at 49 percent.


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