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House Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill

The votes on H.R. 8 are being tallied now. You can watch live here. So far, 7 Dems and 70 Republicans have voted against it. Right now it's at 122 to 75 in favor. They are voting on a motion to agree to the Senate Amendments.

Looks like it will pass. It's been running 50 votes ahead on the ayes. 10 Dems and 100 Republicans have so far have voted no.

Vote's over. It passed easily. Final vote was 257 to 167. 16 Dems voted against it. Here's the roll call vote.

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Senate Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill, 89 to 8

Update 12:10 am MT : The Senate passed the fiscal cliff bill. Sens. Rand Paul, Carper (D-DE), Tom Harkin, Michael Bennet, Rubio, Grassley, Shelby and Lee voted against it. The vote is 89 to 8. The House will not vote tonight. AP article here.

Interesting that Colorado Senator Mark Udall voted for it while Senator Michael Bennet voted against it -- both are Democrats. Here's why Tom Harkin opposed it.

One additional saving: Congress won't be getting a $900 pay raise scheduled to take effect this spring.

Update: 11:45 pm MT: The Senate is now voting. [More...]

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Obama Addresses Fiscal Cliff

President Obama is about to speak, addressing the fiscal cliff. You can watch here.

Preventing a middle class tax hike has been his top priority. An agreement is within sight. But it's not done. Issues remain. He's hopeful Congress can get it done.

The agreement would extend tax credits for families with kids, extend tuition and clean energy tax credits and unemployment benefits. He would have liked a grand bargain, a bigger deal, that deals with taxes and spending. But, that was too much to hope for with this Congress. So it will take several steps.[More...]

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Obama Press Conference on Fiscal Cliff

President Obama just gave a press conference on the fiscal cliff. He says we need to find some common ground. He's met Republicans half-way.

"This is something within our capacity to solve....Call me a hopeless optimist, but I still think we can get this done."

He wishes everyone Merry Christmas and because Congress didn't get this done, he'll see us next week.

The first question from the media was about the NRA. (Then the video cut off.)

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