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Obama Congratulates Hillary for Her Win in Indiana

Of course, he said her "apparent" win, but I think it was a concession.

Is anyone watching Obama? He's speakng now.

9:41 pm: Indiana vote: Almost 950,000 votes in, Hillary has 52%, Obama 48%. Fox and CNN still have not called it.

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New Elections Thread, CBS Calls Indiana for Hillary

Our servers crashed for a half hour or so. We're back now.

Update: 830,000 votes are in and Fox and CNN are still not calling it. Hillary now has 53% of the vote. Gary (Lake County) is not in. I don't agree that Gary, Indiana makes the difference between a win and a loss. We'll see.

Let's continue. In Indiana, more than 650,000 votes are in and Hillary is holding her 54%, 8 point lead.

CBS has called Indiana for Hillary Clinton. The media and Obama's campaign are focused on North Carolina, the outcome of which was never in doubt. They are trying to make it sound like Hillary's votes are Rush Limbaugh generated.

Hillary got 59% of the white vote in North Carolina according to the exit polls. David Axlerod claims Obama got 65% of the white voters under age 65. Can both of those be correct? [Comments now closed.]

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Campaigns Temper Expectations

Update (9:50 am MT): George Stephanopoulous on the campaigns' predictions:

Obama's supporters suggested to Stephanopoulos that Clinton would win in Indiana by as much as eight points, and Clinton's camp hinted that Obama would win by as much as 10 points in North Carolina. If either of those margins are trimmed, the loser will likely claim some sort of upset victory.


Terry McCauliffe was on Fox News this morning with Bill Hemmer. Hemmer said word is from Drudge that Clinton advisors say Obama will take N.C. by 15 points. He asked Terry if he's hearing those numbers and if he thinks Hillary can win that state. McCauliffe said he's never spoken to Drudge in his life and he hasn't heard those numbers.


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