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Partial Iowa Caucus Results Announced

Approximately 2/3 (62%) of the Iowa Results were just released:

Poular vote

  • Sanders first place 28,200, 190 more than
  • Pete B. with 27, 030
  • Elizabeth, Biden, Klobuchar, Yang next

Percentage of state delegates among these 62% (41 total):

  • Pete, 26.9
  • Sanders, 25.1
  • Warren 18.3
  • Biden, 15.6
  • Klobuchar 12.6

It looks to me that Biden lost 2,000 popular votes from the first to second round because he didn't hit the 15% threshold, and those 2,000 votes went to the other candidates. Andrew Yang got 5,750 votes in the first round and 4,636 of those votes went to the other candidates.

Summary: Biden is the biggest loser in these first results. [More...]

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"Reporting Problems" Delay Iowa Results

All eyes are on Iowa for tonight's caucus results. But problems with reporting have delayed the results .

Iowa is complicated. I remember from 2008 that the caucus I attended was like musical chairs. First everyone goes to their part of the auditorium where someone is holding their candidate's sign. After a preliminary vote, the candidates who didn't get 15% were eliminated. Then the hard bargaining begins with the candidates who made the cut vying for the votes of the losers' supporters. Then they voted again. Edwards and Hillary ended up being 7 votes apart, state-wide. Nobody got any actual delegates -- what they got were delegates to the state convention which in June, 2008 picked national delegates.

This year the rules changed so things are even murkier. As the New York Times reports: [More...]

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