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Defendants Sentenced by Drug-Using Judge Seek Case Review

Former Georgia federal judge Jack Camp was sentenced to 30 days for his illegal drug use. As I wrote here, his lawyers argued in their sentencing memorandum that Camp had brain damage:

Camp's sentencing statement contains a plethora of mitigation, from his bi-polar disorder for which he received the wrong kind of medication, to complications from a difficult operation for prostate cancer that required the removal of his entire prostate, to a bicycle accident in 2000 that caused brain damage. Interestingly, the defense says the temporal lobe damage caused by the accident didn't affect him cognitively, it just caused him to have poorer impulse control.

So from 2000 until his resignation in 2010 (which was required by the plea agreement) this judge, who was sentencing drug defendants and others to jail, was suffering from bi-polar disorder and temporal lobe damage, as well as engaging in illegal drug activity

The disclosures by Camp's lawyers have prompted several defendants to seek to resentencing and in some cases a new trial. [More..]

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Ex-Federal Judge Jack Camp Sentenced to 30 Days For Drug Use

Former federal judge Jack Camp of Georgia was sentenced to 30 days in prison today, 400 hours of community service and he must pay the costs of prosecution. He was allowed to remain on bond and voluntarily surrender to the designated facility at a later date. Camp pleaded guilty to offenses involving his use of drugs with his girlfriend, a former stripper with a prior drug conviction. The Government had asked for 15 days.

The sentencing judge, Thomas Hogan of Washington, D.C., also ruled Camps' offenses were all misdemeanors:

In one ruling issued Friday, Hogan found that Camp had not committed a felony, as prosecutors believed he did had when they signed the plea agreement. Instead, Camp committed three misdemeanors, exposing him to a sentence of up to 6 months in prison. Prosecutors asked Hogan to sentence Camp to at least 15 days in prison. Camp’s lawyers asked for probation and community service.

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Feds Seek 15 Day Prison Sentence For Drug Using Ex-Federal Judge

Jack Camp, the former federal judge in the Northern District of Georgia, who pleaded guilty to three charges resulting from illegal drug use (involving guns and his stripper girlfriend whom he knew had a prior drug conviction) will be sentenced on March 11. The AP reports the Government is seeking a 15 day sentence.

Under federal law, use of a controlled substance is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison. But if the offender has a prior drug conviction, the crime becomes a felony and is punishable by a minimum of 15 days and maximum of 2 years. The feds filed a recidivist notice, alleging that Camp should be sentenced as a prior offender because he aided and abetted his girlfriend whom he knew had a prior conviction.

Camp pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the possession of Roxycodone and marijuana by a prior offender; possession of controlled substances and conversion of government property (a computer he has since returned.) In the plea agreement, Camp acknowledged that the first charge carries a minimum 15 day sentence, but reserved the right to argue for a lesser sentence. [More...]

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