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Aspen: Landslide Win for Progressive DiSalvo in Sheriff's Race

Joey DiSlavo won the Pitkin County Sheriff's race to replace retiring Bob Braudis, garnering a whopping 79% of the vote.

DiSalvo’s campaign centered on a promise not to make any sweeping changes to the office Braudis has run since 1987, and to continue the local tradition of community policing and building public trust, begun by Sheriff Dick Kienast in the 1970s. In that time, the sheriff’s office has garnered attention for progressive policies like running a comfortable jail, training locals as officers rather than hiring experienced outsiders, and not conducting undercover investigations.

TalkLeft first endorsed DiSalvo in April, when he announced his candidacy. Follow-up posts on the race, including his stance in favor of legalization of drugs for personal use, opposition to use of undercover cops and views on drug policy are here, here and here. Favorite line of the campaign, considering it comes from a law enforcement officer:

[DiSalvo said] he had no interest in whether people in their own homes “fire up a joint or do a line on [their] table.”

Congrats to Aspen and Joe DiSalvo.

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Aspen Sheriff Candidate Supports Legalization For Personal Use

I've endorsed Joe DiSalvo for Pitkin County Sheriff several times over the past six months. Here's one more reason: Di Salvo supports the legalization of drugs for personal use:

DiSalvo, who is currently Pitkin County undersheriff, said he had no interest in whether people in their own homes “fire up a joint or do a line on [their] table.” That means no undercover work would be done by deputies under his command, DiSalvo said, calling the action too expensive and dangerous for law enforcement officers.

“I think adults should be able to do what they want in their own homes and do so safely,” DiSalvo said, adding that that attitude does not apply to children or people getting behind the wheel of automobiles.

Di Salvo shares the views of Aspen's retiring Sheriff (and my personal fave) Bob Braudis: [More...]

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Aspen: Sheriff's Candidates All Admit Prior Drug Use

I've been following the Aspen Sheriff's race and rooting for Deputy Sheriff Joe Di Salvo, who has promised to continue the policies of long-time and much beloved Sheriff Bob Braudis, who is retiring. Last week I wrote about the candidates' debate on undercover activity in the county (DiSalvo, like Braudis, opposes it, saying it fosters mistrust in the community.)

Last night, the three candidates faced the local media for what is called "Squirm Night." It's just what it sounds like: the candidates are asked questions that might make them squirm.

What came out: Two of the three had been arrested, and all three had used illegal drugs, although one couldn't remember the last time and a second only admitted to smoking pot in Amsterdam six years ago. I think DiSalvo gave the most honest answer. He gave no excuses (like "it was legal where I did it" or "I can't remember") and said simply, "1984." [More...]

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Aspen Sheriff Candidates Debate Drug Policy

Aspen does not allow undercover operations. As I've written before, Sheriff Candidate Joe DiSalvo would keep that policy.

At a debate last night between the three candidates vying for Pitkin County Sheriff, two said they would reverse the policy. Candidate Rick Magnuson, who as I've written before, would make a terrible Sheriff in my view, said:

He pinned the valley’s suicide rate, which is twice the state average, on lax enforcement of drug laws. Magnuson lamented the policy of DiSalvo’s law enforcement agency, which also does not permit undercover sting operations to bust drug dealers, saying it’s something he would like to change.

The third candidate, an ex-cop in Florida and New York, wants to bring in big city cops to Aspen.

DiSalvo is sticking to his guns, and the policies of outgoing Sheriff Bob Braudis [More...]:

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Good News: Aspen Undersheriff Enters Sheriff's Race

Last week I wrote that Aspen's much beloved, long-time sheriff, Bob Braudis, decided not to run for re-election. He's been Sheriff for 24 years and a great one, who believes, among other things, the best jail is an empty one.

I was troubled that Aspen police officer Rick Magnuson, whose views are light years from Braudis, and who unsuccessfully challenged Braudis (with some dirty tricks) immediately announced he would run for the job in November. (Braudis raised 10 times the amount of money Magnuson raised in 2006, which tells you something about how the locals feel about their sheriff.)

Good news, Undersheriff Joe DiSalvo has thrown his hat in the ring. DiSalvo is a good guy who shares Braudis' enlightened philosophy. Like telling the DEA to stay out of Dodge. [More...]

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