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Sara Jane Olson Taken Back to Prison, Clerical Mistake

I mentioned yesterday that Sara Jane Olson, aka Kathleen Soliah, the former SLA member (think Patty Hearst) was paroled from prison after serving a six year sentence.

Turns out, the California Department of Corrections says they made an error calculating her release date and she still has a year to go on her sentence. They re-arrested her at LAX last night and she's back in custody.

That just sucks. Sorry, there's no other word for it. Check out these older posts I wrote on Sara Jane's life in prison, on how her prison term got extended and how the extension was later thrown out. Here's more on her guilty plea to the second degree murder charge.

Her lawyers intend to take the matter to court, saying she doesn't deserve to be treated like a yo-yo. I totally agree.

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