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Judge Rejects Plea Deal for Ms. Hepatitis C

Kristen Diane Parker, "Ms. Hepatitis C" appeared in federal court in Denver today for sentencing. She had a plea agreement for a 20 year sentence. The judge said no dice.

As part of her plea deal, she had to explain on video how she committed the crime.

Some new revelations came out in the video. One of the issues between the surgery patients at Rose Hospital and Rose is that Rose only has been willing to compensate patients who developed the disease if there is a 95% or greater chance their Hepatitis C came from Parker. Some of the patients who subsequently developed the disease appear to have a different strain. [More...]

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"Ms Hepatitis C" Pleads Guilty, Agrees to 20 Year Sentence

Kristen Parker, the hospital surgical tech infected with Hepatitis C, who stole syringes filled with Fentanyl intended for surgery patients, shot herself up, and then filled her dirty syringes with saline and replaced them on the rack in the OR, exposing thousands of patients to Hepatitis C and infecting at least 16, pleaded guilty today in federal court in Denver, agreeing to a 20 year sentence. Her trial was scheduled to begin Monday.

The plea agreement (which I just read but won't post in its entirety unless the MSM does) states the parties have agreed to a a 20 year sentence under Rule 11 ©(1)(c.) Her guidelines for the counts to which she pleaded guilty were 235 to 293 months. Had she gone to trial on just the counts she pleaded guilty to and lost, she wouldn't have received the 3 points for acceptance of responsibility and her guidelines would have been 324 - 405 months. [More...]

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Indictment Returned Against Ms. Hepatitis C, 42 Counts Added

Ms. Hepatitis C, Kristen Diane Parker, faces an additional 42 charges in the Indictment (pdf) against her that was returned today.

All of the new charges only cover Parker's alleged conduct at Rose and not her last employer, Audubon. Testing on patients continues, and more charges could come in later indictments.

Parker could spend the rest of her life in prison if she is convicted.

Background here.

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Ms. Hepatitis C May Have Infected Patients At Hospital in New York

Ms. Hepatitis C, Kristen Parker, may face more charges. Turns out she worked at a hospital in New York before coming to Colorado. As a precaution, Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, NY is notifying 3,000 patients they should be tested.

No patient at Northern Westchester has been linked yet, but the health department is recommending that anyone who had surgery at the hospital between Oct. 8, 2007 and Feb. 28, 2008 to be tested for the disease.

Parker is being held without bond in Denver.

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