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Johnny Depp Helping Free the Memphis Three

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Johnny Depp is going to bat for the Memphis 3. Great cause, I hope the publicity that he can bring to the case does some good.

This case clearly reveals the inferior, unprofessional and narrow-minded hayseed police force and prosecutors that took "the easy (and corrupt) route" towards "solving" a crime that they were CLEARLY incapable of handling. This was nothing more than "Keystone Cops get a wink from Judge Good Ol' Boy" - NO MATTER HOW YOU SLICE IT. And now three innocent youths' lives are totally destroyed - not to mention that there is STILL NO JUSTICE for the murdered boys and their families.

So finally - SIXTEEN YEARS LATER - Depp and his fellow "Beautiful People" jump on the bandwagon of social justice and hip-ness (between all of their other photo-op's) to call attention to the injustice. Good timing, folks! Better late than never, I guess... The defense team (and the people that organized and tirelessly assisted them) deserve all of the credit for this cause - NOT the terminally hip "movie stars" and "rock celebrities." They've contributed very little (i.e. their faces), overall.

Go Johnny. Free the West Memphis Three. If you win this one, will you reconsider doing Shantaram next? Pretty Please?

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