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NY Times Excerpts From "The Obamas"

The New York Times has excerpts from the the book, "The Obamas." The book, which will be published Tuesday, devotes many pages to the role of Michelle Obama. Shorter version: She gets frustrated with her husband's staff at times and she is Obama's biggest supporter. So what else is new?

Glenn Greenwald's takeaway:

Reading this Jodi Kantor excerpt makes one think things may have been better if Michelle Obama had been Chief of Staff:

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Michelle's Inaugural Gown: Jason Wu

Larger version here.

I really liked Michelle Obama's inaugural gown. It's by 26 year old designer Jason Wu. Via the LA Times: [More...]

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Twisted in Colorado Springs

Cutting off a deer's antlers to make a political point? There are some very sick people in America.

Police in Colorado Springs are looking for the person who threw the head of a deer into the parking lot of a Barack Obama campaign office. The head was found late Saturday night. The Humane Society says the buck's antlers had been cut off to make the head resemble a donkey, the symbol of the Democratic Party.

Police will step up their patrols of campaign offices in Colorado Springs through election day.

Michelle Obama is in Colorado Springs to speak at an early voting rally at 6pm MT. Our local news will probably live-stream it. Try 7News (ABC), 9News (NBC) or 4 News (CBS.) Update: Try here at this Colorado Springs station.

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Late Night: Michelle Obama on Tonight Show

One week from tomorrow, Michelle Obama may be the First Lady-Elect of the United States. Here she is on the Tonight Show this evening with Jay Leno. (Part 2 is here.) She'll be in Colorado Springs tomorrow afternoon for an early voting rally.

Early voting in Colorado may not be meeting Democrats' expectations. Don't get complacent and don't trust the polls. Mail your ballot in tomorrow if you havent' already. We need every vote. [More...]

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Michelle Obama Interview on LKL

Michelle Obama is on Larry King Live tonight. She seems very relaxed and conversational. I'm starting to picture her as our First Lady. I think she'll be a terrific role model. She has so much more to offer, and is so much more interesting, than Cindy McCain.

Did any of you see it? Here are the clips:

Not offended by 'that one'

Michelle Obama says she was not offended by John McCain's "that one" comment during the debate.


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Monday Photos: Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama

Here's some photos taken up close of Michelle Obama and Teddy Kennedy (and his son):

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Michelle Obama Reaches Out to Gays

Michelle Obama had these encouraging remarks about her husband's positions on gay rights at a fundraiser this week:

A world where together we work to reverse discriminatory laws like DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. A world where LGBT Americans get a fair shake at working hard to get ahead without workplace discrimination.

..... And, a world where our federal laws don't discriminate against same-sex relationships, including equal treatment for any relationship recognized under state law.


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Live-Blogging Michelle Obama on the View

I've never watched an entire episode of the View (or Oprah or Ellen or any day time talk show.) But, I'm going to give it a shot today to watch Michelle Obama. I'll post my reactions (not a live transcript) here.

If you're watching the show, feel free to live-blog in comments. Please keep your comments on topic, which is her guest-hosting of the show. (If you just want to express your general opinions of her for other reasons or discuss sexism or Hillary, please do it elsewhere.)

Noon ET: The show begins, updates below.

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Michelle Obama's Makeover Begins Today

The New York Times presents the new Michelle Obama. The campaign, as I noted here, has been carefully re-working her image since the end of the primary.

The new Michelle is softer, less lawyer-like and the focus is on her past successful efforts at helping minorities, both African-American and Latino, and working to better race relations.

....her husband’s presidential campaign is giving her image a subtle makeover, with a new speech in the works to emphasize her humble roots and a tough new chief of staff. On Wednesday, Mrs. Obama will do a guest turn on “The View,” the daytime talk show on ABC, with an eye toward softening her reputation.

Details below the fold, but let me state here, this post is not intended as criticism of Michelle Obama and gratuitous insults to her in comments will be deleted. Feel free to discuss your opinions as to the impact of her makeover on voters or its factual details, but angry, personal hostility to her is not acceptable. [More..]

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New Yorker Profiles Michelle Obama

The March 10, 2008 issue of the New Yorker has a very long profile on Michelle Obama. It's mostly a big puff piece, but I wonder what the evangelicals will make of this:

Barack had a more bohemian attitude toward romance. “We would have this running debate throughout our relationship about whether marriage was necessary,” Obama told me. “It was sort of a bone of contention, because I was, like, ‘Look, buddy, I’m not one of these who’ll just hang out forever.’ You know, that’s just not who I am.

He was, like”—she broke into a wishy-washy voice—“ ‘Marriage, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s really how you feel.’ And I was, like, ‘Yeah, right.’ ” Eventually, he proposed to her over dinner at Gordon, a restaurant in Chicago. “

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Michelle Obama Enters the Race Fray

Michelle Obama spoke today in Atlanta at the Trumpet Awards, an event celebrating black achievement. After commenting on Bill Clinton's fairy tale remark she said:

We had a miraculous victory in Iowa," Michelle Obama said. "Ain't no black people in Iowa! Something big, something new is happening. Let's build the future we all know is possible. Let's show our kids that America is ready for Barack Obama right now."

....Michelle Obama's remarks were also peppered with references to Coretta Scott King and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., whose 79th birthday is Tuesday. She said that should Barack Obama win in November, "America will look at itself differently and the world will look at America differently."


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