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Jon Stewart on Nancy Grace and the Arias Trial

Funny and apt.Starts about 1 minute in.

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Michael Skakel Sues Nancy Grace for Libel

Michael Skakel, whose parole hearing is today, has filed a libel suit against Nancy Grace, Tru-TV host Beth Karas, Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting, for falsely stating evidence of Michael Skakel's DNA was found near the scene of the crime.

In the segment, "Kennedy Cousin Asks Judge for Shorter Jail Time," Grace asks Karas if Skakel was masturbating in a tree near Moxley's window. Karas responds: "His DNA was found."

The lawsuit says that both Grace and Karas "are thoroughly familiar" with the fact that there was no DNA evidence linking Skakel to the Moxley murder.

Here's the video. Karas says his DNA was found and Nancy reminds her it was semen. Henry Lee testified at the trial that there was no direct evidence, no DNA, no semen:

Henry C. Lee, the former head of the Connecticut State Police and a renowned forensic criminologist, testified today that state prosecutors have no direct scientific evidence, like fingerprints or DNA, to connect Michael C. Skakel to the 1975 killing of Martha Moxley.


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Woman Commits Suicide After Trashing by Nancy Grace

Guilt-Monger in Chief Nancy Grace can chalk up another suicide to her disgraceful antics. Toni Medrano, age 29, dubbed "The Vodka Mom" by Grace, set herself on fire in her mother's backyard and died Saturday, weeks after watching Grace demonize her, while donning her typical hyper-ventilating, nostril-flaring faux-persona, and ask her audience why Ms. Medrano wasn't charged with Murder One instead of manslaughter, for falling asleep on her infant while inebriated, suffocating the baby.

Ms. Medrano saw Nancy Grace's show. Grace said on the show she had attempted to contact Medrano at her home (I wonder how many times the producers called -- someone should subpoena her and her staff's land line and cell phone records). According to friends, after the show, she became despondent. [More...]

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Can Nancy Grace Ever Stop Spinning Fibs?

Nancy Grace is now denying her wardrobe malfunction last night on DWTS.

"When I got dressed, I was wearing Petals (nipple covers) and an industrial strength bra ... my dancing dress also had a bra sewn into it," she said, adding, "I have been judged guilty without a trial ... I will go to my grave denying the nip slip."

How classic. Even when you see something with your own eyes, and the proof is right in front of her, she'll try to sell a fiction.

The pictures were on Twitter right after the show. Sure looks like an areola to me.

The point: When Nancy Grace opens her mouth about Dr. Conrad Murray or any other trial of the day, remember she either doesn't know what she's talking about or is twisting events. [More...]

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SNL Skit: Nancy Grace Holiday Message on Duke Lacrosse Case


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