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Hillary Still Gaining Ohio Endorsements

According to the cable news shows and some polls today, Obama has the Democratic nomination all but sewn up.

As we wrote earlier, two polls in Ohio show Hillary with a ten point lead.

She's also picking up endorsements. Today, she was endorsed by the Akron Beacon Journal even though it recognized Barack Obama seems to be the party's favorite.

Many Ohioans surely will join the chant ''Yes, we can!'' in the coming days. They may do so thinking about ''electability.'' This editorial page has in mind the question of which candidate would make the stronger president, which candidate is more prepared for all the Oval Office presents its occupant, and the many challenges before the country at home and abroad.

We recommend a vote for Hillary Clinton in the March 4 presidential primary.

She also received the endorsement today of a dozen Cleveland officals and community leaders , adding to more than 20 who have previously endorsed her.


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Number Crunching the WaPo Texas-Ohio Poll

The Washington Post and ABC have released their poll of likely Democratic voters in Texas and Ohio , taken Feb. 16 to 20. As the article says, Hillary is slightly ahead in Ohio and she and Obama are essentially tied in Texas.

The polling data behind the poll is here. I see some different patterns.

In Ohio. 72% said they would vote for Hillary while 70% said they would vote for Obama. 27% percent of these voters said they would definitely vote for Hillary, 11% could change their mind, and 16% said it was unlikely they'd change their mind.

For Obama, 70% said they were definitely going for Obama, 14% said they were could change their mind an 9% said they were unlikely to change. [More...]

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