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Hillary Wins PA By 10 Points, More Than 200,000 Votes

Hillary has broken the 200,000 vote margin with 93% of the Pennsylvania vote in.

Her campaign raised more than $2,500,000. since the polls closed. (Via John King on CNN, who received the information from her campaign.)

Obama's Indiana party was slow, there were empty seats.

Obama got trounced in the rural counties and by blue collar Dems and Reagan/Casey Dems, by Catholics, women, older voters, religious voters and gun owners.[More...]

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Obama's Speech From Indiana

Barack Obama will be speaking shortly from Indiana. I will put highlights here.

Barack and Michelle are dressed in black. Mellencamp is playing. Reportedly, Mellencamp has not endorsed Obama and will be playing at an event for both candidates in a few weeks.

Obama: Thank you. He smiles. Starts with individual thank yous. Has a list. First one he thanks is Mellencamp and his wife.


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Tonight's Media Coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary

Polls close in Pennsylvania in 80 minutes. The cable news networks have begun their evening media coverage. We'll have several threads going, but here's one to post your comments about the media coverage of the results. We'll close each thread when comments reach 200.

Who's the biggest Horses As*? Who did you like?

What networks are you watching? I'm watching whichever has an anchor talking. As soon as they go to pundits, I change the channel.

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