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Capetown Police Brutality Captured on Video

A woman named Nicole Peterson Speelman in Capetown, South Africa recorded this two minute video clip yesterday and posted it to her Facebook page. A man is pulled out of his car, stripped naked, and then for no apparent reason, kicked and beaten by police, before being put in a van. Truly disgraceful police conduct. (Click on the "full screen" button for a much better view.)

At the end of the video you can hear Ms. Speelman, who apparently took the video from her office nearby, screaming at the cops, asking why they were beating the man. One cop starts to walk in the direction of her voice, and the video ends. A FB friend asked her whether the officer came after her. Her reply:

Yes he came upstairs banged on our door he came to arrest me for sreaming out the window but all of us asked him why did he do that to the man so he said he was just trying to get him in the van and he arrested my collogue for police interference and the charges was later dropped. [More...]

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Reality on Film in Brazil

I love City of God, Fernando Meirelles' brilliant look at life in the eponymous favela. One thing that it it paid little attention to, however, was the role of the police. Just released in Brazil is a new film titled Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) and as Alexei Barrionuevo notes, it confronts this issue directly.

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Phoenix airport fatality

The NY Daily News has this story about a woman who was arrested in a Phoenix airport and then later was found dead in the holding cell (more coverage is found here).

So, how could this happen?

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