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Random Thoughts on Tonight's Republican Debate

Final Update: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: John Kasich. Trump held his own but was overshadowed. Huckabee had some good moments. Jeb Bush was too bland. Christie is a lost cause, no pizzaz, no leadership qualities. Dr. Carson, and the two lookalikes, Walker and Cruz, were good for entertainment. Neither has a prayer. Ron Paul was Dennis the Menace and Marco Rubio was too clean cut, and uninspiring.


Thanks to BTD for putting up a thread on tonight's debate. I hadn't intended to watch, but I am, so I'll weigh in here. Feel free to comment in either thread. [More...]

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Republican Florida Debate: Live Blog, Part Two

Continuing the live-blog.

My thoughts: They are all attacking Hillary and I heard no mention of Obama. What does that signify? Also, they are being so polite to each other. Was that pre-arranged to show the difference between them and the Dems?

[Update: The New York Times' Opinionator Blog quotes that paragraph.]

Part Two: The candidates question each other.

First question: Romney asks Rudy about China. Rudy says he'll beef up the military.

McCain to Huckabee: on the fair tax. Updates below the fold.

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Republican S.C. Debate - Live Thread

Is anyone watching the Republican debate on Fox News? It just started and Ron Paul is there. They started with the stories on the network news tonight that we are headed to a recession. They all deny it and talk about cutting spending.

Update: Papa Fred must have had a double Starbucks before the debate. He's actually somewhat lively and cracks a few one-liners (all things being relative, of course.)

Update: the highlight so far. Britt Hume asked the candidates whether the Navy commander in the Strait of Hormuz incident in the Persian Gulf made the right decision. McCain, Thompson, Giuliani answered in sync. Then Ron Paul went on the offensive, saying he was disturbed about what he was hearing and that hewould be much more cautious because the voice on the ship radio might not have been the enemy.

Britt Hume stopped him after a minute or so and asked him what he was talking about because the other candidates had praised the Navy commander for using caution. (Hume might have well have said "What planet are you on?)

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