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Judge to Impose 27 Years on Agriprocessor's Sholom Rubashkin

Via Sentencing Law and Policy, a federal judge in Iowa has issued a 52 page memorandum (available here) deciding that the appropriate sentence for Agriprocessor's Sholom Rubashkin is 27 years. Prosecutors asked for 25 years (previously they said they wanted life), the defense asked for 6 years. The local news report is here.

Rubashkin, age 51, had no prior convictions. The judge found a lot of enhancements, and determined his guideline range to be 324 to 405 months. She rejected all requests for a downward departure or variance. The defense grounds for departure were:

Defendant asks the court to depart downward due to Defendant’s relationship with his autistic minor son, his charitable and civic deeds and his mental health.


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Iowa Meat Plant Owner: U.S. Seeks Life for First Time, Non-Violent Offense

Update: Mr. Rubashkin will be sentenced Thursday. Prosecutors are asking for a life sentence but we won't know until tomorrow what the judge decides. Sorry for the error.

There is something seriously wrong with a justice system that imposes a life sentence on a 51 year old non-violent offender. That's what may happen Thursday to Sholom Rubashkin, former CEO of Agriprocessors meat packing plant in Iowa.

Mr. Rubashkin was in charge of the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa, when immigration agents landed in helicopters to detain nearly 400 illegal immigrant workers. In November, Mr. Rubashkin was convicted of 86 counts of federal bank fraud in connection with loans to the company.

Prosecutors, citing Mr. Rubashkin’s “blatant lawlessness, utter lack of remorse, his egregious and repeated attempts to obstruct justice,” have asked Judge Linda R. Reade to impose a life sentence.

I have hardly been a supporter of Agriprocessors. In 2008, I wrote I stopped buying their products due to the treatment of immigrant workers. As TChris explained here: [More...]

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