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"Squeaky" Fromme and Bruce Lisker Now Free

In Texas, "Squeaky" Fromme left prison today after serving 34 years on her life sentence. She's now 60. (Background here.)

In California, Bruce Lisker was released after 26 years. (Background here.)

Lisker was released on bail at 7 a.m., a week after a federal judge overturned his murder conviction, ruling that he was prosecuted with “false evidence” and his defense attorney did not adequately represent him.

What Lisker, locked up since age 17, now a bald middle-age man, is looking forward to:

[He wants] to go for bike rides on the beach and smell the ocean breeze, eat a bowl of French vanilla ice cream and go running in a straight line for as far as he wants to without having to jog in circles like he did in prison. He needs to apply for a driver’s license, get a copy of his Social Security number and birth certificate so he can find a job — another condition of his bail.

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"Squeaky" Fromme To Be Paroled, Served 34 Years

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme will be paroled on August 16, after serving 34 years for pointing a gun at President Gerald R. Ford. She is 60 years old.

The former Manson disciple (she was not part of the Tate/LaBianca murders) was eligible for parole in 1985 but did not request it. She was granted parole in 2008, but had to do extra time due to a separate sentence imposed for a 1987 escape attempt from a West Virginia prison. [More...]

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