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Obama Presser Time Changed: NBC Said Susan Boyle Interview Too Important

President Obama wanted his press conference on health care tonight at 9pm ET. NBC said no, it's spent weeks getting an interview with singer Susan Boyle which is airing tonight on America's Got Talent. The result: Susan Boyle trumps Obama. Obama moved the time of his conference to 8pm ET.

But, Fox (not the cable news network, the other one) will skip Obama's news conference as the new time conflicts with "So You Think You can Dance."

Here's Susan Boyle on the Today Show this morning. Now let's forget about her and get back to health care.

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Saturday Media thread: Diversity Wins Britain's Got Talent

Update 2:33 pm: Live stream here and here. I've got more up at PopLeft. And the winner is: Diversity!

Top Three: Susan Boyle, Julian Smith and Diversity. Third place: Julian Smith. Second: Susan Boyle. She was totally gracious. She said, "The best won." She smiled, laughed and raised her skirt and showed some leg.

Will Susan Boyle win Britain's Got Talent? the competition is underway. You can watch live streaming here. [More...]

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Susan Boyle Moves On To Finals in Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is headed to the finals in Britain's Got Talent. Check out her funny reaction when the winner is announced.

The other winner: The dance group Diversity, who beat out Natalie.

The performances:

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How Many Times Have You Watched Susan Boyle?

Via Jane Hamsher@ Twitter:

So how many times have you watched Susan Boyle?

My answer: At least six, I never get tired of watching it. She was great on Larry King Live tonight as well. I don't know which I like watching more, her singing or the judges' and audience reaction to her when she first started to sing. (Video link here.)

It's great that one person can make so many people in so many countries smile. More than 30 million viewers on You Tube in under a week. I wonder if that's a record.

The reaction among commenters here the other night were terrific. I'm reprinting a few below: [More...]

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