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Virginia: First Female Execution Since 1912

Teresa Lewis didn't pull the trigger. She confessed, pleaded guilty and cooperated with authorities. She has an IQ of 70, right on the border of mental retardation. She has no prior criminal record, and no prior history of violence. The triggermen in the murder got life without parole. Yet she's scheduled to die by lethal injection. She is the first female sentenced to death in Virginia since 1912.

John Grisham weighs in. A writer in the Sydney Morning Herald says Iran does not have a monopoly on barbarism and reminds the U.S. that humanity begins at home.

The execution is set for September 23. Save Teresa Lewis. More here.

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Demographics of Virginia Counties Won by Hillary

Hillary Clinton won several counties in Virginia, some by very large margine. What do they all have in common? They are almost exclusively populated by whites. Virginia's population state- wide is 73% white and 20% African-American.

Here are the demographics for the first half-dozen or so counties she won (all I've checked so far):

  • Allegany: 93% white, 5.5% AA
  • Bedford: 92% white, 6.3% AA
  • Bland: 95% white, 4.4% AA
  • Buchanan: 96% white, 3.2% AA
  • Carroll: 98.5% white, 0.7%AA
  • Dickenson: 98.7% white, 0.6%AA
  • Grayson: 96.7% white, 2.4% AA
This is a continuation of the Virginia/MD/DC results thread. Update: Almost 200 comments, time to close here. You can continue on the newer threads.

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