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Three NY Cops Indicted in Sean Bell's Wedding Day Killing

Sean Bell was at his bachelor party the night before his wedding. As he was leaving, he was killed by a blaze of 50 police bullets.

The grand jury has indicted three of the five cops who fired at him. No one knows what charges they have been indicted on since the Indictments will be sealed until Monday. Photos of the five cops are here.

The grand jury has been considering murder, manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. It deliberated on the charges for three days. More than 60 witnesses testified in the inquiry.

Bell's family maintains the cops fired without warning. The Rev. Al Sharpton had this to say:

"The only way you make sure it doesn't happen again is you stop it, and you punish it and you send a signal that we live in a society where laws have to be respected," he said. "So there is no joy, no vengeance, no party here."

Others have characterized the killing as a case of contagion-shooting.

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