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Windows 10 Upgrade Fever

I do not like upgrades, but there were so many positive things being said about the new Windows 10, and my 6 month old desktop was having so many problems and freezing so often, I decided to see if it would work.

Last night, it didn't work. It said "still working" but never went anywhere. 7 hours later, same thing. I asked Microsoft to call me, and they did, and were very nice, but they couldn't figure it out and "escalated my request" saying someone would call again tomorrow.

Finally, I found a possible solution, and I'm shocked, it worked. Not only that, it's is really a step up from Windows 7 in every way. With none of the bad features of Windows 8.

The Edge browser is really nice. Much faster and less cluttered than Chrome and Firefox. More later, I'm going to play around with it some.

Have any of you tried upgrading? Was it a success or are you stuck in failed update or error mode?

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