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Chris "Tweety" Matthews Makes Amends

Via Josh at Talking Points Memo, who calls it "trainwreck tv":

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Chris Matthews' Bias Against Women Spurs Protest Campaign

Media Matters has begun a campaign against MSNBC's Chris Matthews over his years of blatant bias against women on Hardball.

The action alert quotes Big Tent Democrat of TalkLeft as calling for his removal from coverage of the presidential race.

While, like Big Tent, I have criticized Chris Matthews for his sexist comments about Hillary Clinton, I'm more of a "change the channel" person.

If more people would watch the competition, his ratings would plummet. MSNBC would conclude pretty quickly it had a Chris Matthews problem and he'd be gone. Conversely, all the attention calling for his ouster is likely to raise his profile and gain him more viewers, even if they're only tuning in to hear his latest misogynistic rant. If his ratings go up, MSNBC is going to be thanking its lucky stars, not considering taking action against him.


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Tweety: Hillary Won Because Bill Messed Around

You can't make this stuff up. Chris Matthews on "Morning Joe" says the reason Hillary Clinton won her New York Senate seat and is a front-runner in the presidential race is because Bill Clinton "messed around." [Via TPM]

He's why I watched CNN (except when Lou Dobbs was on) until after the winner was announced.

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