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What Russia Offered the Spies to Go Along

Yesterday I asked why Vicki Pelaez, a Peruvian-born journalist with U.S. citizenship would go along with the deal to return to Russia. Here's what appears to be the answer:

Russian officials had made offers including free housing for life, an indefinite living allowance of $2,000 a month, visas and free passage for her children, and the right to travel beyond Russia to any country she wished, in return for her co-operation.

She told the Court she merely acted under her husband's instructions in delivering letters with invisible ink to someone who gave her a packet of money to bring back to the U.S.

I can't imagine she's thrilled with her husband right now. According to this version, her children will be granted visas to visit her, which means they won't be moving there. And, she's been promised she can leave Russia for Peru. [More...]

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Sundown Parole for Spy Suspects

Bump and Update: All ten pleaded guilty. They will be on a plane to Russia, probably by sundown. Their plea agreements are here. I only read the one for Vicky Pelaez. She agreed to forfeit her home, any proceeds from her story and never to return to the U.S. Some reports say some of the children of the ten have already left for Russia.

Back the '70's, here in the Wild West, defense lawyers would try to get prosecutors to agree to what we called "sundown parole" -- let our client plead guilty with no jail, he'll be out of Colorado voluntarily by midnight, never to return. Sometimes it worked.

Sounds like that's the deal in the Russian spy cases -- a guilty plea with immediate sentencing to no prison and instant removal from the U.S. [More...]

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Reports of a Russian Spy Swap in the Works

The Indictment in the Russian spy case was unsealed today. (I haven't seen a copy and it's not yet on PACER>) Several media outlets are reporting a spy swap is in the works. The five defendants from VA and Boston have been ordered to be brought to New York. The Government has decided to appeal the Magistrate Judge's decision to release Vicky Pelaez on bail. Her hearing today has been canceled.

According to the New York Post, Pelaez and her husband aren't interested in a swap deal.

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Bail Granted for Vicki Pelaez in Russian Spy Case

Vicki Pelaez, a reporter with El Diaro, has been granted bail in the Russian spy case.

The judge said there was no evidence she had been trained as a spy and she is a U.S. citizen. Her husband is Juan Lazaro, who according to the Government, waived his Miranda rights and confessed. He also said his name is not Juan Lazaro but refused to reveal his identity.

Peruvian news articles have been filled with articles about Ms. Pelaez, since much of her family is there and she used to work for El Diaro in Peru.

A niece of Mr. Lazaro in Uruguay denies he is a spy and says the family will be coming to the U.S. to see what is going on.

(Disclosure: BTD says Ms. Pelaez worked for him at El Diaro in the 90s.)

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