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Bail Granted for Vicki Pelaez in Russian Spy Case

Vicki Pelaez, a reporter with El Diaro, has been granted bail in the Russian spy case.

The judge said there was no evidence she had been trained as a spy and she is a U.S. citizen. Her husband is Juan Lazaro, who according to the Government, waived his Miranda rights and confessed. He also said his name is not Juan Lazaro but refused to reveal his identity.

Peruvian news articles have been filled with articles about Ms. Pelaez, since much of her family is there and she used to work for El Diaro in Peru.

A niece of Mr. Lazaro in Uruguay denies he is a spy and says the family will be coming to the U.S. to see what is going on.

(Disclosure: BTD says Ms. Pelaez worked for him at El Diaro in the 90s.)

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